Throughout my life I have had two great loves. Image making and wood working. But they were always very separate in my mind. So in 2017, after years and years of debating about it all, I finally decided to combine the two and set out to build my first ever camera for the taking of wet plate collodion images. After a few rounds of conceptualising and prototyping, I arrived at the design for the camera you see here, which I have named Mathilda. 

In terms of the wet plate process, I'm entirely self taught from various books and tutorials. I've still got a ways to go to learning to master the medium, but am exceptionally happy that I have had the chance to build this camera and just start the process!

An overwhelming amount of gratitude goes out to all my kickstarter funders, as well as a few special mentions to Tanya Voltchanskaya and Gemma Hall for helping me believe it was even possible let alone worthwhile, Eduardo Martinez for his amazing help with setting up shooting conditions, and an absurd amount of thanks to Helen Highwater for her assistance in the metal work involved in the project!

Kickstarter Funders:

J McCormick

Jared Pettit

Mandeh Moo

Hunt Ng

Jasmine Leivers

Bethany Lancaster

Vuk Mikic

Natalie Blom

Thomas Bull

Peter Williams

Dane Miles

Daniel Lee Pitcher

Talen Herzig

Aaron Kamp


Helen Creagh



Johnny Ma

Jas Shenstone

Tanya Voltchanskaya

Gaelle Houdy

Eduardo Martinez

Lucas Papadopoulos


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